I had the pleasure of working with Rijad several times during the past six months, and he has turned into one of my absolute favorite photographers. He is so easy to work with, great at giving directions, has a wonderful eye, refreshingly creative and very fast at delivering pictures.
Looking forward to our next shoot!!
Eliza Sica har recenserat Rijadbphotography
den 20 maj
I had a good time shooting with Rijad, great at giving directions, makes you feel comfortable, especially when we only had those brief moment of sun peeking out.
Fast, productive and still gets a great result!
Looking forward to do another shooting soon!
Kari Murto har recenserat Rijadbphotography 
A talented photographer, we were impressed by the beautiful captures and shots were taken outside, in natural light on the streets of Gothenburg. High quality and fast delivery of photos!
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